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Only The Lonely My Pet

Only the Lonely is my pet, she is a purely a fictional pet, I think. I’m not sure though, sometimes Only the Lonely takes on a life of her own, as you will see if you read further. Only the Lonely was found by James and he decided to have some fun with her. His business was painfully slow so Only the Lonely was and is a way to keep his mind sharp. You can only sit on the couch and watch T.V. for so long until it drives you nuts. Thank God for the good friends that helped him along the way. They continue to help him keep Only the Lonely alive and well. It all started with a Facebook page then developed into a web page you can leave your comments and suggestions on the Facebook page You can even tell us to go jump in the lake if you want. Mite even take up on it, a swim with Only the Lonely would be nice. She doesn’t swim very well but she floats nicely, thank you very much.


only on the counter

Only the Lonely! Get down off that counter. I forgot how much trouble pets can be. Since I rescued her, she things she is a cat and can walk on the kitchen counters like she owns the place.


welcome to chucks bar

All right, we are going to Chuck’s for great burgers and good beer. Party time is here, time to pop the bubbly.


only in the gutter after drinking too much

That’s what happens when you drink too much, you end up in the gutter. Maybe someday you will learn not to drink like a fish and get drunk. Don’t you dare touch those “ops” (other people’s smokes) leave them for the homeless guy. They gota smoke too.


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only on the table

You think your getting a nice home cooked meal? Your wrong! We are going out for pizza, yee haa. By the way, do you belong on the table? Get down right now. These pets you talk to them till your blue in the face and they just do what they want.


wood fired pizza

Wow truly wood fired pizza. Don’t get to close to the fire you might melt like the wicked witch.


pizza and beer

Hay wait a minute what are you doing drinking that beer? I thought you were on the wagon. Oh ok just drink one if you drink more than one we will have an intervention and you may end up in the Betty Ford clinic with the rest of the high powered celebs.


drinking dr. pepper only

I am glad to see you’re on the wagon. Stick to Dr.Pepper it will keep you out of the gutter.


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